Welcome to Enchanted, the official fansite for talented young actress Elsie Fisher. Elsie is best known for her starring role as Agnes in Despicable Me 1 & 2!! You may also recognise her from one of her many national commercials such as Chevy, Hallmark, or Hershey or from her guest spot on Raising Hope. Here at Enchanted we aim to bring you all the latest news, images, and media surrounding this rising young star. Please browse around the website and if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us!
Love, the Enchanted staff.
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Elsie For Ocean Plastic Awareness

Posted on Dec 01 by Saoirse

It sure is getting festive around here! Recently Elsie took part in a campagin supporting Ocean Plastic Awareness for Ketch My Drift who aim to stop people throwing plastic into the sea. You can view the very sweet video below which Elsie shot with some other kids. Doesn't you heart just melt when she says 'I want to have a future'? Great to see Elsie supporting such an important cause.

On a separate note, Elsie's Hershey's Kisses commercial has begun airing in the USA. We've been unable to find it online yet so keep your eyes peeled and if you find it, let us know! Hopefully it will pop up online soon =)

Elsie on Healthy Habit by The Rhymatist

Posted on Nov 23 by Lizzie

The Rhymatist uploaded a new video featuring Elsie to his Youtube channel. This time, Elsie tells us about the rap she did and the importance of eating healthy and getting exerise! It's so cute, be sure to check it out below! It will be added to the media archive very soon. =) Caps are also in the gallery!

Edit: Saoirse has added it to the media archive here. It's the first video on the page. Be sure to watch if you haven't already. =)

Elsie tells you to visit Rhymeville.com!

Posted on Nov 19 by Saoirse

Hi guys! Cute little update for you today. Yesterday a sweet little clip of Elsie telling everyone to visit Rhymeville.com was uploaded to youtube by The Rhymatist. Its such an adorable little clip and dont you love Elsie's helmet? Watch it below.

Along with that, again thanks to our good friend Heather we've added 19 HQ screencaps from Elsie's Hallmark and Chef Boyardee commercials. Make sure you check them out!

Happy Birthday Claire!

Posted on Nov 15 by Saoirse

This isn't Elsie news, but I just wanted to post a tiny message to wish my good friend and fellow co-web Claire a very Happy Birthday! Claire, thank you for being an amazing friend and such a pleasure to work with on this site. Enchanted wouldn't be here today without all of Claire's hard work so I hope you'll join me in wishing her a wonderful birthday by leaving a comment =)

Songs & Style

Posted on Nov 12 by Saoirse

Hi guys! I've been doing a little site maintence today and I thought I'd update you on what i've added. For starters I've added a Music Section where you can listen to Elsie's adorable unicorn song from despicable me and the full version of healthy habit which you'll remember is a rap Elsie recorded with the rhymatist.

The next thing I added was a Style Section for you all to check out where Elsie got her stunning outfits and maybe even buy one yourself! That's all for now, don't forget to keep voting for Despicable Me for best family movie in the People's Choice Awards!

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