Welcome to Enchanted, the official fansite for talented young actress Elsie Fisher. Elsie is best known for her starring role as Agnes in Despicable Me 1 & 2!! You may also recognise her from one of her many national commercials such as Chevy, Hallmark, or Hershey or from her guest spot on Raising Hope. Here at Enchanted we aim to bring you all the latest news, images, and media surrounding this rising young star. Please browse around the website and if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us!
Love, the Enchanted staff.

About Us

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The Site
Name: Enchanted: Elsie Fisher
Opened: August 2010
Subject: Young actress Elsie Fisher
Status: The official fansite
Webmasters: Saoirse & Lizzie
URL: http://elsie-fisher.com
Contact: HERE

The Story
Saoirse and Lizzie first decided to make a site for Elsie in July 2010. It was right around the time Despicable Me was released and they had both been seeing her in interviews and trailers. They agreed she was adorable and talented and completely deserved a fansite. They contacted the Fisher family to gain permission to make a site. Once they got permission they set to work. They chose the name Enchanted because it was different and seemed fit for Elsie. Enchanted: Elsie Fisher was opened in August 2010 and has been online since then.

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