Welcome to Enchanted, the official fansite for talented young actress Elsie Fisher. Elsie is best known for her starring role as Agnes in Despicable Me 1 & 2!! You may also recognise her from one of her many national commercials such as Chevy, Hallmark, or Hershey or from her guest spot on Raising Hope. Here at Enchanted we aim to bring you all the latest news, images, and media surrounding this rising young star. Please browse around the website and if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us!
Love, the Enchanted staff.

Birthday Projects

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Check out the birthday projects Enchanted has sent to Miss Elsie!

2013 (Age 10)

For Enchanted's third birthday project, we asked fans to submit messages which were then written on individual birthday cards. All of these birthday cards, plus some presents from the staff, were sent to Elsie for her 10th birthday!

Quick Facts
» We sent Elsie 11 birthday cards.
» The project opened on March 2nd and closed on April 3rd.
» We received submissions from eight countries around the world, including Mexico and Germany.
» Elsie loved the cards so much that she stuck them all up on her bedroom wall!

2012 (Age 9)

For Enchanted's second birthday project, we created an online birthday page filled with birthday wishes. We asked fans to submit messages, graphics and videos which were then all put together and the link to the page was sent to Elsie on April 3rd 2012!

Quick Facts
» We recieved 11 graphics, 16 messages and 3 videos.
» The project opened on February 14th and closed on March 28th.
» We received submissions from eight countries around the world.

video one video two video three

2011 (Age 8)

For Enchanted's first birthday project, we put together a very special birthday book. Fans were asked to send in messages and graphics wishing Elsie a happy birthday which were then all pasted into a pink sparkly scrapbook.

Quick Facts
» We recieved over 26 messages and 11 graphics.
» The book travelled all the way from Dublin, Ireland to Ohio, USA to California, USA.
» The project opened on February 8th and closed on March 2nd.

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