Welcome to Enchanted, the official fansite for talented young actress Elsie Fisher. Elsie is best known for her starring role as Agnes in Despicable Me 1 & 2!! You may also recognise her from one of her many national commercials such as Chevy, Hallmark, or Hershey or from her guest spot on Raising Hope. Here at Enchanted we aim to bring you all the latest news, images, and media surrounding this rising young star. Please browse around the website and if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us!
Love, the Enchanted staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

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001. Are you Elsie Fisher?
No, we are not Elsie Fisher, or any of the Fishers for that matter.

002. Is this Elsie's official website?
This is Elsie's official fansite meaning it is approved and supported by the Fisher family but we are not connected to Elsie's auditions and bookings and we cannot put you in contact with her.

003. If I send you my message for Elsie, can you give it to her?
Sorry, but no we cannot do that. If this changes in the future, we will let you know.

004. Can I have Elsie's address, phone number, etc.?
No. We don't have such information and even if we did, we would never give it out, per safety concerns for the Fisher family. Please respect their privacy.

005. Does Elsie have a Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, etc.?
Elsie has official Twitter and YouTube accounts. She has no other social networking accounts. All accounts must be verified by this fansite; do not believe posers.

006. I have some pictures that you don't. How can I send them to you?
First, your donations are greatly appreciated so thank you in advance! You can send your pictures to us using this form. Please make sure you have permission to use them first, though.

007. Mind if I donate some fanart (wallpapers, signatures, icons, etc.)?
Of course you can! We thrive on your donations so feel free to send them our way using this form.

008. Do you make money off this site?
No, we do not make any profit off of this website. It is run in support of Elsie, in a non-profit manner.

009. Can you teach me how to make a site like this one?
Sorry but we don't have time. We're very busy with our offline lives and other sites. Search around for sites that teach that kind of thing.

010. Could you make me a layout?
At the moment, we can't. So sorry! As with above, we're very busy and it would probably take longer than you'd be willing to wait. Thank you for your interest, though!

011. Can I help with the site?
Thanks for the offer but we're set for now. We'll let you know if we need help in the future though.

012. Could I use your information and pictures on my fansite?
We'd prefer you didn't. We've spent a long time collecting our info and pictures and many of our facts are exclusive so we'd appreciate it if you didn't remove them from Enchanted. Instead, try to search for your own information and pictures. Hard work is rewarding in the long run!

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