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She Said

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Age 7
"My dad, I look up to my dad. He thought me everything I know."
(On who she looks up to)

"I think i'll be a scientist or a veterinarian"
(On what she wants to be when she grows up)

"My favourite thing about acting is how many people you get to meet and how fun it is."
(On her favourite thing about acting)

"It was like walking on clouds."
(On going to the Despicable Me premiere)

"I like doing animated films because you don't have to act it out or do it a lot of times."
(On why she likes making animated movies)

"I like it because it snows on Christmas and it's really fun to play in the snow and make snowmen."
(On what she likes about Christmas)

"I like to usually just stay home and spend time with my family."
(On what she does for thanksgiving)

"It would be my family, it really would be my family."
(On one thing she couldnt live without)

"I was cleopatra."
(On what she was for halloween)

"It's not hard to act - I'm just super good at it. I like that you get to meet a lot of new friends. That's what I really love about it."
(On acting)

Agnes, well, she is basically a little girl that is an orphan and she really, really loves unicorns. She also has two bigger sisters."
(On her Despicable Me character Agnes)

My favorite scene to do was when I said ITS SO FLUFFY!
(On her favourite scene in Despicable Me)

I want to act for a long time, but, later when I grow up, I also want to be a scientist!
(On what she wants to be when she grows up)

My favorite thing to do is play video games. I love Pokemon; Im going to get a new Pokemon game soon.
(On her favourite thing to do)

Age 6
"I have a really great dad so I know it's important for Agnes to have one too."
(On Despicable Me and her family)

"It's really fun to act! Sometimes you get to see your friends that you made."
(On Acting)

"Agnes is a happy, pretty girl."
(On her character Agnes)

"She is about 4 years old and she is the youngest orphan. I really liked to play her. I think she's the cutest."
(On her Despicable Me character Agnes)

"I like that I got to be animated!"
(On what she enjoyed about working on Despicable Me)

"It was an honor to meet her, a very big honor. I just loved it!"
(On meeting Miranda Cosgrove)

"It's a really good movie. I think everybody will like to see it."
(On her movie Despicable Me)

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