Welcome to Enchanted, the official fansite for talented young actress Elsie Fisher. Elsie is best known for her starring role as Agnes in Despicable Me 1 & 2!! You may also recognise her from one of her many national commercials such as Chevy, Hallmark, or Hershey or from her guest spot on Raising Hope. Here at Enchanted we aim to bring you all the latest news, images, and media surrounding this rising young star. Please browse around the website and if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us!
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Despicable Me

001. "However, while these three men provide the film its big names, the star of the picture is Agnes, the youngest of the three orphans. She is incredibly adorable, which easily and instantly pulls at your heart strings. Furthermore, she utters the film’s most memorable lines, continuously stealing the spotlight."
- Sarah Gopaul @ Popjournalism

002. "When Gru adopts his faux family is when Despicable Me really begins to soar. While much of the credit does go to Carell, one cannot speak highly enough of the warm and funny vocal work of the trio of young actresses who portray his young charges. Miranda Cosgrove, Dana Gaier and Elsie Fisher capture beautifully all the innocence, vulnerability and wonder of childhood with complete conviction. Their scenes with Gru are both funny and tender and, at least momentarily, it becomes possible to even forget that we are watching animated figures and not actual living, breathing human beings."
- Richard Propes @ The Independent Critic

003. "Young Elsie Fisher steals the show with some spot-on improvised lines, like when she sees the stuffed unicorn of her dreams and squeals, “It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!"
- unknown @ Laist Interview

004. "In that regard, Elsie Fisher easily stands out with her sparklingly enthusiasm providing some of the most memorable movie catch phrases of the year."
- Kenneth Chisholm @ Beat Magazine

005. "The big scene stealers are Margo, Edith and Agnes voiced by Miranda Cosgrove, Dana Gaier and Elsie Fisher respectively. The girls are the definition of cute with just the right amount of attitude. Cosgrove, Gaier and Fisher are perfect choices to help bring these scene stealers to life."
- Mark Haskins @ EMC

006. "The little girl Agnes(Elsie Fisher) steals the movie. She has an adorable nature followed by quirky dialogue that makes for grade A entertainment."
- Bree @ CinaSpecs

007. "The voices of the three girls (Miranda Cosgrove as Margo, Dana Gaier as Edith, and Elsie Fisher as Agnes) were also wonderful - and I believe most people went to see the film just because of the character Agnes. Elsie Fisher is so cute and spot-on. She makes you laugh a lot in this movie"
- Stacey @ Epinions

008. "Carell may be the draw for "Despicable Me," and he does a wonderful job - as always - with his voice acting. But it's the girls who are the most impressive. They know exactly how to convey hurt, disappointment, joy, and wonder -- not an easy task for young actors."
- Sandie Angulo Chen @ Yahoo! Kids

009. "The modern-day Dickensian girls, straight from central casting and perfectly voiced by Cosgrove, Gaier and Fisher, heap on both sweetness and cynicism. Their interactions with the minions deliver some of the film's most memorable sequences."
- Rick Klaw @ Moving Picture Magazine

010. "Amongst the three girls, youngest Agnes who loves unicorns and her daddy is the cutest. You will go ‘awww’ every time she appears onscreen! "
- Unknown @ India Times

011. "However, the voice that steals the movie is the adorable Elsie Fisher as Agnes the youngest orphan. Her lines “does this count as annoying?” “It’s so fluffy I’m going to die!” and the song “Unicorns I love them” have become instant classic quotes."
- Amanda @ In Unison

012. "The best things about this film are little Agnes (voiced by Elsie Fisher), the minions and the killer hip hop soundtrack."
- Kimberly Grant @ South Florida Times

013. "Without a doubt, Fisher’s voice brought her character, Agnes, to life. And without doubt, Agnes made the movie that was one of the best animated films of the year. Who can forget her hilarious freakout over the unicorn? “It’s so FLUFFY!” This is just the first of Fisher’s many voiceovers and comedy roles to come."
- Sarah Robinson @ 29 Secrets

014. "And while he's supported by such favorites as Jason Segel, Russell Brand, Julie Andrews, Will Arnett, and Miranda Cosgrove, it's young Elsie Fisher as Agnes that is the standout. From her innocent little songs to popping her mouth, she has one of the more memorable performances. My kids still run around the house yelling, 'He's so FLUFFY!!'"
- Scott Chitwood @ ComingSoon.net

015. "Elsie Fisher puts on the performance of her young life as Agnes, the smallest of the orphan girls."
- Aaron Christensen @ Examiner.com

016. "My favorite vocal performances come from Elsie Fisher as the precocious Agnes. 'Awww, my caterpillar didn't turn into a butterfly!' she sighs while examining a stale Cheeto."
- Clark Douglas @ DVD Verdict

Despicable Me 2

001. "That candid honesty is used hilariously in TV series Outnumbered to highlight the adults' suffering as parents. For Despicable Me, it's a way to present the same dynamic through younger eyes. (The fact that Agnes is voiced by 10 year old Elsie Fisher has a lot to do with how genuine it feels.)"
- Ivan Radford @ I-Flicks.Net

002. "Carrell, Wiig and Brand are good in their voices, and Agnes, the youngest daughter is almost as adorable as the minions."
- Maahin @ Maahin and Films

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